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  So, why exactly the topic of the portfolio is the info-design and its most successful examples?


       Maybe because it clearly represents everything that falls in the scope of Aivars R.’s, more widely known as Ivor, work.
     It comprises photography, video editing, work with models, visual design, book cover and packaging design, WEB-design and programming, UI, UX design, data visualisation, web-marketing, SEO, WEB promotion of anything, etc.
 Quite often the author also works as a design producer (nowadays also called ‘art director’) that manages the development of concepts and correspondence to the plot of work, also coordinating the work of specialists. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, who knows), these people come and go, that is the advantage of being a freelancer.

A good project is seldom to come by, and that is why many jobs, especially if the topic is close to your heart, should be done by yourself. Which are these ‘close-to one’s-heart’ topics? The main is beauty, wherever you may find it. That of humans, nature, works of body and soul, beauty and originality of decisions and processes. Good thoughts, deeds and lifestyle.  Everything worth doing and being told about. Sometimes it is the topic of challenge, the topic of doing something impossible for others.

    The author’s opinion on the most important aspects of info-design can be found in his blog, where one can also find reports on creative processes, experiments, results, paradoxes and the conclusions made of all that. Also, if, while visiting the site, an idea of cooperation or a serious order strikes your mind, we advise you to get acknowledged with the articles.

   You can find a short reference (e- publication) further. It also will give you an overview concerning the advantages of the e-publications suggested by the author.

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The most important things will also be published here.

  Oh, but let us return to the proper and complete works of the author.

The example of such is this site, including all the images, articles, demonstrations, technical elements and solutions. But what exactly are these, and why one could call them an original work?

Almost all the concepts were made by the author himself. The implementation may have been done by him or have been trusted to an employee or a freelancer. But trust some other person with promoting your studio? Oh, Lord, never. And that is what is good about it. There are things that could be shown, things that could be bragged about.


CLICK & SEE - on the FOLLOWING SITES, design and ALL the visual material and articles BELONG TO THE AUTHOR


http://info-design-studio.blogspot.com http://info-design-studio-ru.blogspot.com  (Russian version) http://info-dizaina-studija.blogspot.com  (Latvian version)     Visual elements are different. The textual content is written by author and specially adapted for corresponding mentalities SPECIALIZED WEB-SITES http://banner-market.tk http://info-banner.tk  (Russian version) http://banner-master.tk (Latvian version) http://video-masters.tk http://video-masters.tk/formentalhealth/       (different design and subjects) Examples of different design and technical solutions integrated in existing web site: 1) Acting example of customized & integrated in the portfolio  “Landing page”  ( Lat-Rus, dissimilar from portfolio, however fully functional, with specially created video, menu,  info-block, complex submission form, different design). 2) Small examle of  “Mobile Responsive Sales Letter-Newsletter”  – usually is used for e-mailing. Presented example – also to mobile devices/ Make sure yourself, test it on our Mobile & Tablet emulator-tester (see below). For Aivars (Ivor`s) clients and portfolio visitors: 3) Free WEB-based Mobile & Tablet emulator for testing  web sites on mobile devices – especially created by Ivor for his  clients and quests  to test their current web sites. Additionally, visual tutorial as on line example of landing page. THE FOLLOWING TWO, THE LAST ONES – http://www.acupoints-guide.com http://www.combat.acupoints-guide.com

They were made 3 years ago and were quite simple, but even then info-images were a priority. Now they are completely renewed on the visual side and, in their area, have moved to the first places in every search engine.

They will be used as examples of a successful renovation. Also, the abovementioned sites are administrated by the author, although he doesn’t always have time for that (concerning the last two, the management is periodic and by a mutual agreement). There are also other works, but they are managed by other people, who are not associated with info-design. That is why the author cannot be responsible for decisions and results there. [/toggle]

Hence, this time only the site completely info-designed by the author will be presented. You may already have understood that the final result is associated not only with nice images, animation and videos. Maybe one will like, maybe not. This time it will be the production of info-design for the masses of the web.

And, to supplement the word ‘examples of a successful info-design’ with some proof, we shall observe the works that really are in the first places in search engines. Moreover, in millions, milliards and billiards of searching tools. So that any reader, and potential clients also, could see it with their own eyes, we will mention the keyword and the sites for searching the sites.


     Let us also remember that this portfolio-site is not for professional exhibitions or fans, for now at least. One should not try finding neither style uniformity, nor any sorts of thematic order here, nor any high art, nor artistic processes. This is more of a place for different possibilities, empirically proven, result-stable and dynamic visual solutions, where everyone could find something for himself and take it, would it be a form, a style or an idea.


Although, there is one thematic tendency, it would be the topic of web-sites and their most important parts concerning the efficiency of info-design and visual solutions. Examples are everything published here and any visual or technical part of the sites.


 If we paraphrase it –

–  what we can and what we must use while making a new web-site, what is new in terms of visual accessories, what are the possibilities in renewing an existing site, which visual advertisement works the best.

And, the most important, which already existing design results or has a potential to result in the number of people visiting the site skyrocketing.

Author about info-design also ……. See more 

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Skills, possibilities, levels

Information design 95%
Visual promo actions 97%
Visual design 80%
WEB design 80%
WordPress 85%
WEB consulting 85%
Photography 75%
Promo video 80%
Marketing & PR 80%

About 15 programs for WEB – PHOTO – VIDEO – ANIMATION !



  Welcome to main page!

Education- basic and additional

SEE basic and additional education


  • Basic education: — Mast.Eng —    

          Experience: – >>>17 years,Including (from the start to latest)

– engineering, project management, business administration,

– web-design/developing, E- Publishing, SEO, web-promo actions.

  • Additional education for professional development (starting from the last):
    1. SEO, e-marketing –  18 h
    2. WEB– solutions – 120 h  (Visualizations, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress)
    1. Psychology   – 120 h     (NLP, aspects for team work, PR, AD)
  • More methodical
    1. Business administration – 320 h

    Including – accounting;- AD & marketing; – PR; – web solutions.

    1. Project management 320 hours

    Including – Social PM and Business PM;-  AD & marketing; – PR

    Thesis – “IT network project solutions for – PM”

               Experience – >>>4 years (PMP- Project Management Professional needs only 35 hours of                     education and >>> 3 years)